Hello. I'm Rodrigo Pinheiro.

I'm a young tools and game developer from Portugal. Working towards being an engine programmer Send me an email


A spline solution for unity that allows you to serialize curves

c# unity tool

Maya smooth instance tool

A Maya smoothing tool that instances the model and smooths it out with 1 button press

maya tool modeling

Exploring shaders in GLSL

Before making something in HLSL in Unity I've been practicing GLSL in Shadertoy

GLSL Shadertoy post-processing

Rainy Window effect

A performant dynamic rain drops shader made in HLSL and applied in the Unity Engine

effect HLSL C# unity

Screen Space effects

Post processing effects using depth, z-buffer and surface normals textures to archive a game's stylized vision

effects HLSL unity

Mankolpostiornus | Latest game

A point & click physics based game where you're running late for school and have to gather some of the items that are missing from your schoolbag

c# unity physics

Round Assassin

A small game with a round ninja animated with my custom IK tool and special shadow-caster unlit materials

c# unity effects IK

Near Side of Yonder

A space exploration game with the emphasis of being alone in the universe. I programmed several systems and HLSL shaders for the visuals of the game

exploration c# unity

In the Future...

Right now I'm starting to get a hold of the Vulkan API and building my own small game engine.

GLSL Vulkan c++